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Tawnya Dailey,L.Ac.        1155 Park Street        Lebanon OR 97355

Tawnya Dailey, L.Ac.

Tawnya Dailey, L.Ac.

   Tawnya earned her Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, and her NCCAOM certification in 2002. She then pursued further study in the People’s Republic of China at the NanJing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, focusing on herbal use in a hospital setting. After returning to her home in Lebanon, Tawnya was licensed to practice acupuncture by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners and started private practice in 2003.

   While studying at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Tawnya also earned a certificate of completion in the Qigong Teacher Training Program. Tawnya is certified to teach Soaring Crane Five Routines, Crane Walking Steps, Remedy Routines, Sitting and Lying Meditation, Self Massage Techniques, Chinese Essence, and Super Energy Qigong.

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