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During Your Treatment

During the first visit the patient states the main focus of treatments. Then, an extensive medical history is taken, including questions about the chief complaint, general health conditions, and physical examinations of the patient’s tongue and pulse. From this information, a Chinese medical diagnosis is made. It is from this Chinese medical diagnosis that Tawnya determines which acupuncture style is most appropriate for the particular patient, which acupuncture points to use, and if herbs are appropriate.

Patients sometimes choose to wear loose clothing or shorts to their appointments. However, Dailey Health provides medical gowns and other draping materials if disrobing is necessary.

During treatments patients are usually either lying down or sitting in a reclined position. Many patients experience a deep relaxation during and after their treatment, and may take a short nap while their needles are in.

Tawnya Dailey, L.Ac. encourages patients to take an active role in the healing process, and strives to educate and empower all with new choices and perspectives. Often patients are curious about their treatment, so questions are always welcome.

While acupuncture needles are the main modality employed at Dailey Health, accommodations can be made for children or particularly sensitive patients. For these patients application of Bach Flower Essences to the points or Jin Shin Do may be utilized.

Patient comfort is a priority at Dailey Health.

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